Tung sol 6l6gc datasheets

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Tung sol 6l6gc datasheets

6L6GC- SVET Tube tung Beam 6l6gc Power Amplifier SV6L6GC. The original Tung Sol 6L6GC- STR tubes have a reputation for being some of the best quality tung warmest sounding most evenly balanced 6L6 sol tubes going around. Limited Quantity Available New Old Stock 90 Day Warranty through RF datasheets Parts Company. Catalog Datasheet. 6L6GC 6l6gc Comparison of Current Made Tubes Each tube in this comparison was installed datasheets in the same custom- built, fixed- bias single- ended guitar amplifier in order to. 12AU7 tung Tung- Sol 6l6gc 12AX7 General Electric 12AX7 Mullard 12AX7 RCA.

The Tungsol 6L6GC- STR 6l6gc is a good choice for any new or vintage guitar amp. The electrical specs for 6L6 ( metal) 6L6GB ( sol T- 12 glass bulb) are sol the same in the Sylvania , 6L6GA ( ST- 14 glass bulb), 6L6G ( ST- 16 tung glass bulb), Tung Sol datasheets manuals I have. The Tung- sol 6L6GC- STR tube is a true 6L6GC tube that is rated for plate voltage up to 500V and up to 30 watts of power. I' ll datasheets probably get out the RCA datasheets but for now, tung too lazy , look it up eventually too busy. A few years removed from the issue with my SVT I have a sextet of sol the tung- sol 6l6gc reissue 6550s 6l6gc on my shelf waiting to go into that amp, but I' ve been tung gigging other amps the SVT hasn' t left it' s road case in quite some time.
6L6GB some 19- watts 360- tung volts Tung- Sol was 22- watts 400- volts 6L6WGB 26- watts 400- volts 6L6GC 30- watts 500- voltswatts 500- volts 7581A 35- watts 500- volts Notes: * it seems that 6L6GB' s & WGB' s were not commonly used in amps with higher voltages because of a lower tung max screen voltage the 5881 being datasheets a 6l6gc better choice. it is the exact same tube as their 6L6GC sold the same time. Tung Sol spoke of the tube as the 5881 in 1950 literature. It' s actually slightly less powerful than the sol more common and modern 6L6GC. 6L6GC is a different story, of course. The only differences are mechanical.
TUNG- SOL - PENTODE COATED UN I, CONSTRUCTION USED PRIMARILY IN AUDIO POWER OUTPUT STAGES. With a massive datasheets plate dissipation of 70 watts, the Tung- Sol KT150 is the most powerful octal beam tetrode ever produced. 6L6GC PIN CONNECTION 6L6GC tube tube 6L6gc class AB2 push pull power amplifier 6L6- GC 6l6gb 6L6GC. Tung- Sol 47 Datasheets Context datasheets 6l6gc Search. 5881 vs 6L6 Discussion in ' Amps. 6L6GC specs " interpreted under the datasheets 6l6gc design maximum system" 5881 specs " 6l6gc interpreted under the design center system" The 6l6gc real 5881 as originally spec' d tung was sol not designed or built by Russians. datasheets 6L6GC JJ 6L6GC Mazda. The real Tung- Sol 5881 is a pretty.
Russian Svetlana tube from early production with Large S logo. Tubes Details Created: 03 February. Tung sol 6l6gc datasheets. These 6L6’ s are like vintage NOS tubes without datasheets the NOS price tag. It was datasheets designed and developed by Tung- Sol between. I like the datasheets NOS tung sol 5881s in a tweed bassman replica so sol much I' ve tried them in several other amps. Tung- Sol 47 datasheet,. Tung sol 6l6gc datasheets. 6l6gc sol The number that was floated tung across for a few other forums when 6l6gc this thing was still a going concern was for the 6L6GC getting pegged at 1.
The vintage correct valve for that is the Tung Sol 5881 or Tung Sol 6L6WGB ( same valve). 6L6 tube Datasheets Context Search. 25 V for the 6L6GC. Another forum had it at 1. This is because the. Tung Sol tung 6L6GC- STR Power Tube.

A pair of KT150s can allow an amplifier with a power output approaching 300 watts to be built.

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TUNG- SOL 6L6GC- The 6L6GC- STR is a beam- power tetrode primarily designed for use in audio- frequency power amplifier applications. The 6L6GC- STR has. Both my tube manuals ( RCA and Sylvania) list the 6L6 ( metal), 6L6G ( coke bottle), and 6L6GC at 360v max in class AB vs. 500v for the 6L6GB. The vintage 5881 ( e. Tung Sol brown base) is the same as 6L6GB ( not to be confused with the modern Sovtek 5881).

tung sol 6l6gc datasheets

TUNG- SOL 6L6GC- The 6L6GC- STR is a beam- power tetrode primarily designed for use in audio- frequency power amplifier applications. 6L6WGB, 6L6GC and 7581( A) tubes are suitable replacements for old stock circuits of original 5881 tubes. 6L6GC and 7581( A) tubes will work in all 6L6 circuits.